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Depot Displays

While much has been accomplished at the Depot, there is a lot that is still in the planning stages. Some of these projects include:

  • FLAGMAN'S SHANTY: The Depot has acquired a rather deteriorated Lackawanna Railroad grade crossing flagman's shanty. It has been restored and is on display at the entrance to the Depot grounds.
  • PULLMAN SLEEPER: We have a 1926 Pullman sleeper car. It is the Glen Siddel, a heavyweight sleeper in the 6 - 3 configuration. (6 compartments and 3 drawing rooms) It was in general pool service for many years. The interior is closed off (not restored). The exterior has 22 silhouettes of famous people in the windows.
  • CABOOSE: We acquired NYC Caboose 19509 built in 1915. In 2005, the caboose was trucked to the Depot from Deansboro, NY. It was in rather poor condition. The interior was in much better condition than the exterior. We have completed the restoration of the exterior. The siding on the long sides has been replaced. The framing on those sides was replaced as needed while the siding was off. All windows have been either restored or replaced. The cupola had completely disintegrated. It has been completely rebuilt. The platforms and exterior metal work have all been replaced as well as having a new roof installed. The exterior has been painted and lettered. This winter will see the continuation of interior restoration. The caboose will be used as a stationary exhibit at the Depot. Photos of the caboose's trip to the Depot are in the Photo Gallery.
  • FLAT CAR: We have acquired a 1929 military flat car that was last used by the Lowville & Beaver River Railroad. This car is positioned just north of the caboose. It has been painted and a new deck has been installed. It has a removable "band shell" for summer concerts and other events.
  • TRACK WORK: We have constructed a1400' runaround track and two storage sidings that total 850 feet . The runaround will be used by the two railroads that use this line: MA&N and the Adirondack Scenic. The storage sidings will be available for use by the above railroads and for any rolling stock acquired by the Depot.
  • DINING CAR: We have acquired the Sante Fe Dining Car #1479 (AMTRAK #8031) This car was built for the Sante Fe by the Budd Corp in 1937. It traveled on the El Capitan and the Super Chief. The kitchen was never updated and contains original appliances including a charcoal grill. It has been placed on our display track. It will be available for parties and community events after some cleaning & repairs.
  • RS2 We have acquired the former Adirondack Railway Corp. RS-2 #25. It sits on one of our sidings with the Glen Siddel Pullman sleeping car.
  • TURNTABLE: Our turntable pit (1903) does not have any of the steel. We continue to look for the bridge for a 71' turntable. Click here for a present picture.

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