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Description - Ty Gwaith Crefft

Ty Gwaith Crefft yn Remsen - "The House of Craftsmanship in Remsen"

Ty Gwaith Crefft yn Remsen will celebrate, interpret and promote Remsen's proud and self-sufficient Welsh heritage and cultural origins. The neighborhood will be built with the character of a railroad oriented, mixed use neighborhood in upstate New York in the early twentieth century and will interpret the history of Remsen and the legacy of Welsh immigration to the village and the area.

The Welsh immigration to the Remsen/Steuben area began over two hundred years ago in 1795 with fifteen families and continued well into the twentieth century. During that time Remsen held a preeminent role in Welsh immigration to the United States. The area greatly resembled rural Wales. The Welsh citizens imprinted their culture and values on this area. The area continues to embrace and celebrate its unique heritage.

Economic Regeneration
This program will build social, cultural, and economic linkages to Wales and the Welsh community in North America to establish and maintain a handmade economy that features Welsh and New York State artisans, small scale hand fabricators, and Welsh culture and history.

Conceptual Plan
  • approximately 10 RETAIL buildings (some with residential space) which will be 4,000 to 6,000 feet each. The upper floors of these buildings will be residential while the first floors will be retail and studio - shop space. The studios and apartments will be occupied by artisans who are in Remsen doing residencies and overseeing apprenticeship programs.
  • an RDC owned consignment GALLERY for artisans who are not present on the site. It will accommodate display and demonstration space for short tern visiting artisans from NYS & Wales.
  • a genealogy, folklore and historical INTERPRETATION CENTER that works in partnership with the Museum of Welsh Life in St. Fagan's, Wales.
  • a GENERAL STORE retailing specialty foods and products from the Remsen area, from rural partners elsewhere in the USA and from Welsh producers in the UK.
  • a RESTAURANT-PUB focusing on Welsh and Celtic traditions.
  • the DEPOT (recently completed) will continue to be used for performance and interpretative space, underscoring the railroad's importance in the early settlement of the village.
  • an OUTDOOR PERFORMANCE VENUE for visiting and local performers.
  • an INDOOR PERFORMANCE VENUE for visiting and local performers.
  • WORKSHOP/EDUCATIONAL spaces to accommodate visiting artisans and artists in residence in partnership with Remsen High School.
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